Monday, February 6, 2012

Bud is back and playing; he's feeling his oats.

Bud is feeling like his old self again. He is so rambunctious, he just wants to play, play, play. For the next month, the vet still wants him to take it easy. But bud feels like hes ready for action. He is playing with the big balls that uncle Dan gave him. It gives him something interesting to do. I notice that he is still walking gingerly on the knee he hurt. The poor dog is getting nuttier because he wants to play. This little game in the living room makes him feel like a normal dog. He goes outside on a leash with someone keeping an eye on him. But he is sling-free! Bud's new trick is opening the doggie door on his own.  We are going to have to put duck tape on the doggie door so he doesn't get out. As for me, I have another month of down-time without walking. I'm happy for Bud's company. He is keeping me going.

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