Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stinky Bored Bud

Bud has been a little stinky of late more than before when he swam daily and got hosed off. I can't figure it out. I always wash his bedding twice a week. I love my home to smell clean because it is clean. I think that maybe Bud not swimming is a factor. Also the vet shared a tip.When he is wet I pour a small amount of artificial vanilla flavoring on him and  towel him off. When Jetta was with us she rolled on rotten carcasses on the beach when ever she could. You know that Service Dogs  have to smell nice when you have them in the public. Thank God that Bud never learned that trick  from my sweet girl.  I think there is no worse smell that a wet smelly dog. Try that trick with the vanilla is works great.

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