Monday, February 20, 2012

My Favotite Blanket According To Bud

My Favorite Blankets According to Bud

            I love my soft blankets. One of my favorite blankets is in my crate. When I was a baby, Mom rubbed the blanket on my Mother’s belly, so I wouldn’t miss her and my litter mates, too much at first. I loved her smell. I get in my crate and push my blanket around with my nose and scrunch it, so is perfect for my naps. On laundry day, Mom takes my blanket away to wash. Darn, I just get it right when my scent is getting good. She puts a different blanket down but, it’s not as soft as my special blanket. I love my soft, special blanket. I wait and wait, for my special blanket. Sometimes, I have to wait forever. I miss my cozy blanket. The day is  over and still no favorite blanket in my crate. The blanket in there now is okay but it’s not my favorite blanket. Oh well, bummer I miss my blanket. I will sleep tonight without my favorite blanket. Mom, I miss my blanket for my crate.
The next day mom brings my favorite blanket back. Yes, Mom thanks. She puts it in all neat again. I’ll messes it all right after I get it the way I want it. 
            “Buddy you get your blanket all messed up, I want you be cozy in your crate and not sleep on no padding for bones.”
            Heck Mom I like my way. I’ll just scrunch it up again before the next laundry day.
My other favorite big soft fluffy blanket goes on my dog bed. When she cleans it she puts other big blankets down but there not as big and fluffy as my favorite blanket. Its big and fluffy blanket is perfect for my nose dives after swimming. I rub my nose upside down and rub and flop over and make the water come out. I roll and roll and roll.  I see Mom smile.  

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