Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bandit's Too Chose Encounter With Mama Deer

Bandit is my son's family dog. He lives with them in the country and he as dogs do, chases the deer. The other day, my son and his wife went on their daily hike.They heard their dog Bandit cry out in pain. Jennifer, his wife, jumped over a picket fence and ran down to the meadow to see what happened. She saw a very large deer on top of Bandit, who is only 25 pounds, as the deer was trampling him. Jennifer yelled as  loud as she could to scare off the deer. Bandit did not take to much of a beating but if no one was there Bandit would have killed. You see how small he is. If Bud was there he would have chased the deer off because they are friends.

So if you live or visit the country I recommend have you dog wear a collar with bells so the deer will
not be surprised. As for Bandit I'm glad that he didn't get hurt too bad. I have friends who live in the country and they use E-Collars to stop the dog from doing what dogs do by nature which is chasing critters off their land.

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