Monday, June 16, 2014

New Staff Sylvia and Her Dog Marley

I am pleased to have in my life Sylvia as one of my new helpers. I let her bring her dog Marley to work, Sylvia told me she got the dog as a puppy and the dog never got socialized. She carried her around like a baby, much to the dismay of Sylvia's children. Marley has never been taught the basics, such as sit, come, or stay. Now I told her we are going to teach her dog to be a dog, and Sylvia is ecstatic knowing the dog will be better balanced. When she comes to work her dog has to follow my house rules. You see, Marley has already learned sit and we are working on boundary and go to bed.

Marley shows signs of being overly dependent on Sylvia. Marley is a smart little dog but was never trained so became unbalanced, and is nervous without her mom. Sylvia didn't know any better, but she is a loving dog owner and we are working together to make this little dog more balanced. Oh good more blog material!

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