Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bud update

Bud is so good after. Ericka's boot camp. It hurt to have him away from me  for 2 weeks but I see how much he needed it. Every day I put the E- Collar on him . He know that the collar gives me control over him. I have had to press the black button, twice which  is just a little tapping nothing painful.  I press the button twice when he did not listen to a "Leave It " command. He gets one verbal reminder then he does not listen he gets the button pushed. Red button is set a bit stronger I have never had to use the red button.  Ericka's guidance made it possible for me to get control back so he wouldn't  be a bully to puppies and weaker dogs. Bud does not get to do that anymore and Bud is a happy camper  Bud is very sensitive and when I need to be the boss he goes off  to pouts in his crate for a short time. He always comes out for the ball play. Bud needs to know that he can still have tons of fun every day. I let him get away with bad behavior too long. You folks please work with a professional dog trainer before you do this, This E - Collar could do harm if used the wrong way. This is the last resort. Bud is doing great. He has a great life with me. I am lucky and grateful  to have this  goofy dog in my life.

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