Friday, April 12, 2013

Bud's Progress and Small Set Back

Bud had a relapse in his aggressive behavior.  To be fair, we had unexpected visitors that caught him off guard.  Albert and Brutus were in the area with another friend of ours, Kevin, and stopped by for a surprise visit.  As they entered the house, Brutus came barging into the house with his exuberant puppy energy and startled Bud.  Bud barked at Brutus and corned him on the sofa.  Brutus was on his back, oblivious to this behavior not being playtime, while bud hovered over him, mouth shut, not letting him move.  Meanwhile, Brutus urinated on himself due to all the excitement.

Michelle was here and gave bud the "heel" command.  The first time she said it there was such a commotion that he probably didn't hear it.  Sure enough, on the second attempt at calling the command, Bud backed off and went into the heel position by her side.

These difficulties are why I sought out the help of a professional, Ericka, because this is not something we as pet owners can do on our own.  Sometimes we have to rely on the experts.

Other than this relapse, Bud has been doing fantastic.  The training sessions have really helped and we're looking forward to the next one!

Here's a picture of Brutus from after his neuter surgery.  It's hard to get a clear photo of him because he's always moving!

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