Monday, March 30, 2015

Bud Is Outnunber With Females

 Holly my new staff has a pack of her own. The dogs love to come to work with her. Holly has  two more females not show here. In this picture Bud looks a little shy Hanna the black cute is very good with Bud until he got back in her car wet and rubbed against Hanana she gave he hell. Well she let him know she did not like that by growling her diva way. In the back ground sitting like a cat is old Maggie. She lost vison in one eye but she is a lover and is so sweet.

I just love dogs in my home. Bud is very kind and tolerante when Hannna get bossy, which is all the time. He is used to bossy females, like Marley and Ginger. He has good manners that Jetta taught him when he was a puppy. Jetta was never bossy she was very polite and Bud learned to respect females and let them have their way.
Buddy is such a good boy. We love him so much.

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