Sunday, April 12, 2015

Meeting Hannah Another (Second Chance at Love) Rescue

Hannah is a very charming dog she bosses Bud around and Bud lets her. Hannah is part Poodle and part Schnauzer. She was placed in a home in the LA area with a family, but she was too bossy and started fights with the other dogs when on the walk. Holly took her in as her own. Hannah is devoted to Holly and has some anxiety when she is not in her sight. Hannah is feisty and I find her totally irresistible. Holly said Hannah is a  "Hall Monitor".

Poodles are very intelligent, playful and like to do tricks and show off. Poodles are proud, active, have good stamina and are resilient. Grooming Poodles is essential.

Schnauzers are ideal companions. They are plucky, agile, and a very faithful dog. The dog's size is ideal for city dwelling or for country dwelling they chase vermon. They are peaceful in nature, but will defend themselves when confronted with aggression. They will not back down from a fight.

One last thing about Hannah, if I could steal her from Holly, I most certainly would.

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