Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Robyn's Story

Robyn is my helper, Jamie's, dog. Robyn was a rescue with no information. Robyn is a very loving 7 lb  Chihuahua with fear of every one she meets. Robyn bonded to Jamie right away. Batman willingly her into the pack. She gets along well with other dogs. When I first met Robyn she loved me right away. She must have sensed my love for dogs. When Robyn was a puppy she did not get socialized at the important time for pups (the first four months).
Jamie and Robyn are working with Ericka Duggan and she has made improvements but Robyn will never be a care free dog. Jamie is learning form training methods to help Robyn with her extreme fear. When Robyn is afraid she growls and and is really frightened. Now I am happy that Robyn loves David and Ginger. She will be a work in progress the rest of her life. Maybe this is how she ended up on the street. Luckily Jamie and Robyn and me and the humans that she loves are pictured here. Pictured is me and David getting love from the precious dog.

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