Saturday, May 19, 2012

Trip in search of a service dog

Shown in the picture I met a Golden Retriever from Woodlake CA. This breeder only uses Goldens. The dog was too small for what I need her for. The dog shown, Ginger was very sweet, but not suited for my needs. When you start looking for a service dog you have to apply and put a deposit down and a letter from your doctor etc. This one place is off my list. Several more to go The second place on my list trained Lab and Goldens. We drove for several hours in the heat of the day to find them not there. We had an appointment at 3 pm and when we waited for half an hour we came home. Bud  was glad to get back to the cool coast. It's a process that could take years to find the perfect fit. Jetta was a perfect fit from her early puppy-hood. She was my miracle girl. Only 30% of the pups that go for this specialized training make it. That's why the cost 10 grand.
Bud wants to retire, but he may have to wait awhile Bud loves helping me but he would rather be my beach dog.

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