Thursday, December 29, 2011

Play Pen Ideas

Poor Bud. He is feeling better but is still a little freaked about the confinement time. He looks a little depressed and I sure that he still hurts when he goes outside to potty. He has to wait and get his collar one and wait for the person who takes him out to grab the wide belt to under his belly for the person to take him out on a leash while holding the belt tight. This is to support him in the case of slipping and using to much weight on the knee wide the hardware in it. His knee and ankle are still swollen from the trauma of the injury and surgery.
I have been having him spend time in a “Play Pen,” that I put in the kitchen so he can be with me while I am doing chores, and reading or watching TV. He can see the action. This morning after he got taken out for his A.M potty, once he got back in the “Play Pen” I spent time snuggling with him like I have done all of life in the mornings. I know I miss this problem more than he does. Batman, Bud’s good wanted some close time too. Please I know if you guys like this idea. I am going to suggest to the vets to buy some of this fencing to make the time of confinement more bearable.

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