Friday, December 9, 2011

Bud Gets Hurt

On  the of morning Monday Dec 5, while running at our beach, Bud reputered his right hind Cranial Cruciate Ligament.  He stopped and cried out in pain. My friend carried him home and the vet took an Xray to confirm his diagnosis. Poor Bud!. I found a vet who offered a surgery for 50% off the surgery to my cost 1700$. Bud will fine after his surgery in three months of rehab he will be able to resume his duties as my service dog.I have been contacting several organizations that help dogs in need of surgery and have been told that they will try to help out with funding. The vet who will do the surgery is taking donations by phone for Bud. Any Rabobank is set up to in Bud's and my name. The vet is Dr Aaron Schecter DMV. I am humbled once again with life and am pray for a speedy recover for Bud  Thank God
To help call Rabobank at 805- 995-1594 or to Dr Schechter at 805-466-3880

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