Saturday, October 1, 2011

Update On Bud's Pup Problem

I have been working on Bud's puppy problem for weeks with a dog trainer. It won't be a quick fix. Today Bud did great while playing at our beach. I kept him focused on the ball and we spent several hours there this morning. I sat down on the beach to meet a big 8 month old Lab-pit pull mix. I sit down before I get knocked down. I love meeting silly pups. Bud was busy digging. He digs and digs and digs when nobody throws the ball for him. I thought its a good chance for Bud to meet this pup. The pup was a goofy love. She rolled and rolled while Bud ignored her. The dog's owner sat down and we watched both dogs dig. Bud liked her. After we said our goodbyes a young small white German Shepard mix was being very curious about Buds privates. She kept bugging him. while I was trying to herd her off. Her owner did nothing while I told her that my dog might jump on her out of fear. She did nothing. I was so proud of Bud he very gently ran her off without jumping on her. The puppy was was out of line. As I was telling Bud what a good boy he was for not jumping on this pup, one of my friend's dog, a small terrier jumps on this silly pup to teach her manners . Dogs work it out if you let them. I am happy that Bud seems more relaxed around this energy. This picture of my Bud after being cleaned up and ready a nap. Tired dog is a happy dog. Pleas tell me your training and play tips.

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