Monday, October 24, 2011

Bud Hates The Gentle Leader

Last week while leaving French Hospital, Bud noticed a little dog of leash, walking toward us. Bud pulled away to sniff the other dog. I was shocked at this behavior. When we got home I found my Gentle Leader. I gave Bud treats and praised him, but am unhappy with this on. I tell him too bad, life is hard sometime but he has to not do that. Bud is a different dog with it on. When he was a puppy I tried one on him and he won’t move. I was afraid of hurting his neck. I don’t worry about that now but I know if you use the Gentle Leader wrong you can cause damage. With it on, he minds better. He still tries to rub up against people furniture. Too bad he will get used to it. When I had it on Bud at the beach he hated it. I was sitting on the ground talking to some friends and he put his head in my lap to hide his shame. This story will be in Bud’s book when it comes out.

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