Monday, April 18, 2011

Most Asked Questions

Hi. It's Spring Break and kids are off school. I'm posting these again because they are so informative. All of these answers are in the book also. Maybe it's a good time to get and read the book. Reading is important.

What does the dog do for me?

Gets the phone for me, picks up dropped objects like socks, clothing, utensils, pens, eye glasses, keys. The dog walks next to me on a leash without pulling me over. When I’m on the ground, the dog stands still so I can grab his back and dog and use him as a bench.

How long training period?

18 months for full duty, the dog needs their strong bones mature to not hurt them.

When can the dog get pets?

When I take the “Off duty.

When I say the word, “Release” the dog knows they are on a break and I’m not depending on them for support.

How can they get a service dog?

Go to a large group like Canines for Independence or other groups that offer adult service dogs or pick out a calm pup and pay for a dog trainer that specialized in service dogs. The problem with starting with pup is very difficult, you are the puppy raiser and with a disability that is challenging and you won’t know until the dog is going to be a good service dog until well into the second year.

When does the dog get too old to work? What happens then?

That depends on what the dog’s job is. For example Jetta can still come with me to appointments. She walks next to me but not do any of my weight bearing like helping me stand up.Jetta is slowing down and getting tired and loves to work but also is enjoying being lazy. Because Jetta is my dog, she stays with me for the rest of her life. With guide dogs sometimes the person can keep the old dog but sometimes that’s not possible.

Who qualifies for a service dog?

Any one with a disability that doctors note that a service dog would make their life safer.

Types of service dogs
Guide dogs
Seizure dogs
Hearing dogs
Dog for stress disorders
Service dogs for returning Vets with post traumatic stress disorders.

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