Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bud's Long Swim

Today Bud swam again in his favorite place. "Bud's Bay." I constantly keep Bud sharp with his commands. When nearing the bay Bud starts crying with joy. Bud has to wait in the car with door open to get out. Only after he hears from me or my helper, "Out." He jumped out once and had to get back in the car and wait. Bud forgets, he is so excited to swim. Carny, my helper, used a "Chuck-it". The ball sailed a long, long way. Bud jumped in. Bud started swimming and swimming. The tourist were stopping and saying "I've never seen a dog swim that far." I stood up and told Carny, "if He goes down your jumping in after him." He had two balls in his mouth causing him to snort as he swam and swam. When Bud came out of the water everybody started clapping. After his long swim Bud laid down and to rest. I said jokingly, "Bad Carny making him swim so far." Bud came home happy and tired. Ready for his dinner.

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