Friday, July 22, 2011

Bud's Paws

Bud has suffered breaking off of toe nails twice, from playing at the beach. I had to take him to my vet to remove what was left on the toenails. Then Bud had to wear a bootie, and he could not play for a week or two. Poor Bud. You can read this story about Bud's Boo Boo, in the upcoming sequel of Jetta's Journey, when it comes out. Since then, Bud hasn't let anybody including me touch his toe nails. What I am doing to help him get over this trauma (yes he is a drama boy)is shown in the pictures. This is me, feeding him treats to even let me handle his paws. If Bud thinks I'm going to touch his paws he runs to his crate and there no getting out before he wants to come out. When I feed him, I bend down to touch his paws. Some dogs never forget painful injuries. The only thing I know to do is try to be calm and gentle but let him know that he needs to allow me to handle his paws. I haven't tried to clip his toenails yet. He hasn't needed that to so far. If anybody reading this blog has a better idea, please advise.

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