Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Meet My Dog Trainer Ericka

Ericka has been a busy dog trainer in this area for many year and is my favor expert to go to for dog problems. Bud has been trained under guidance before when Bud showed signs stress Ericka was the first dog trainer to recognize that Bud is Over-sensitive. She has helped me in times of need. Bud is going to go to Ericka Boot- camp for reprogramming on some occasional bad behavior around dogs. Poor Bud has to go to boot camp!

I will miss Bud's presence in the house not mention  his dog slobber and wet kisses. I strongly recommend the use of professionals in dealing with complex  issues . Oh  Bud I wish you could talk to me.

If you are on the Central Coast, I highly recommend Ericka of Elite K9 Solutions.  You can read more about Ericka, her services and find some fun and free tips and tricks on her website:   You can also sign up for her Monthly Newsletter to be delivered to our email inbox.

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