Wednesday, May 1, 2013

More Update From Ericka's Training

Ericka's methods are working with Bud's behavior. My life with Bud includes my helpers. Therefore all four of us have to have the same methods. When I committed to trusting Ericka about Bud that meant that he retires from active work as a Service Dog and that means where he gave me trouble, he doesn't go. He can still come with to book events, and to some social gathers with him that he has not had bad manners. Remember, Bud's bad manners is jumping on young puppies and old weak dogs. Bud just jumps and then he stops with him never biting. Two years ago he jumped on a dog and the dog bit him in the face. I have not been able to work on this complicated dynamic in the dog world. I have studied dog behavior and it has baffled me for the longest time. Bud has not done this for a year. Oh Bud your are making me better understand you. With Ericka's help, we now move forward with the understanding that it does not matter why he does this. We are stopping this horrible behavior. Bud has had some issues figuring out who is the boss.  The boss is me!  Ericka is helping me and my assistants teach and enforce this with him.  It's an ongoing process!   I ASK YOU, WOULD YOU TRUST THIS FACE!

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