Friday, September 20, 2013

Groomer Needed?

Need a groomer? One day I was watching Bud swim at the bay in Morro Bay and along came this little cutie and her person. I watched this dog transform in front of my eyes from a white, clean, adorable pooch to this groomer's nigtntmare! I think her name was Lily, and she is a cockapoo. Lily dove into the sand and mud and rolled around like a big dog and she was so happy.
I could not resist taking a picture of this dog. I guess she does this every day. She is a happy dog. Her human knows how much dogs (especially little house dogs) need to play like the big dogs.

Years ago, I had a cockapoo. Every time I see one, I think of my old dog, Buffy. She was a little bit bigger. She was the sweetest and smartest dogs. I love cockapoos. It is a good mix!

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