Sunday, May 3, 2015

Great Gatsby Post Surgery

I see this wonderful three legged dog at the beach with his loving family having the time of his life. He is chewing on dead seabirds and he is the knuckle head of knuckle heads. When I see this very happy, very strong Weimaraner pulling his owners around it warms my heart. I think of my Weimaraner dog Misty. This is one of my favorite breeds.I love Great Gatsby's owners because they had the faith to know what to do to make their dog have a happy life. They did the right thing by him by amputating his leg. It was a difficult and expensive decision for them, but they made the right decision out of pure love for this dog.

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  1. There is nothing on God's Green Earth more precious and treasured a the unconditional love of a dog.
    God's Speed Jetta….say hi to 'Kota Pops for me please