Saturday, November 21, 2015

Coping With Confiment

I am finding that I am very much happier when I am active. But now that I have 2 more weeks to go I am mostly doing things that I NEVER do like watching a lot of TV in the day time. I always like to be outside for a big part of my day. And only watch TV for a few hours in  the evening, after being active all day and my brain is shutting down the TV comes on before I go to bed.
So today to cope with my confinement I followed my loving dog on his afternoon romp. Usually I have him on leash, today I held the camera. Here's a sample of his afternoon romp. While I am house bound my friend and neighbor takes Bud in the early am to romp. Bud is a lucky dog and I am grateful for my helpers and Bud lovers to keep my boy fit. I LOVE my play times with Bud. I will have my life back soon with a better foot thanks to a great surgeon, Dr Sima. Thanks to my people in my life who care enough to take their time. Thanks to everyone who makes my life happy and mostly thanks to Bud. 

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