Sunday, August 7, 2016

Look At The Faces I Love

I am blessed with these dogs. Bud is the love of my life and now I see that Gracie is another love of my life. Bud came to me when he was 10 weeks old and Gracie had a very horrible time before she came to me. The first day I saw Bud I knew that he was my dog. Gracie gave me a rough 6 months until she won my heart. She bit me was stubborn and guarded.That first night when put her is her her name was Rickly Lee. The next week I changed her name to Gracie for amazing Grace, and she loved her new home and new life and she a DIFFERENT dog. She looks up to Bud as a big goof of a pack member. Bud likes to get near when I train her which every day and she works and he gets a free treat.
I told her that I would take of her and she was safe and that I would help to find a forever home. Each time she bit hard to break skin I told myself that I CAN NOT keep this dog. Over the months of getting her teeth fixed and her coat etc etc etc. I felt that if I could not exercise her that would tell me that she would be better off with a stronger pack leader. Because she would not let me put the leash to run her on my scooter. She now loves are scooter running. Every day we go on her long run and she loves running and working to run next to me because her 2 breeds are wanting to work, she sits in the yard on guard and walks whole lot I'm on.
I realize now that I once again love my 2 wonderful dogs. LOOK AT THESE FACES !

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