Saturday, October 22, 2016

My Hero Bud

On September 12, 2016, at 4 a.m. I found myself in trouble.  Somehow I managed to get myself lodged between the toilet and the bathtub and I was stuck and I couldn't get up.  I had difficulty breathing.  As I struggled I said God I am not ready to meet you yet.  I realized that my caregiver would not be arriving until 8 a.m.  The more I struggled the more I became lodged.  I knew no one could hear me.  I kept my cool and did not panic.  I realized the severity of the situation and the fact that this could turn out really bad for me.  I managed to whisper to my service dog Bud to get the telephone.  He was sleeping in his crate in the next room.  In the next moment I felt his hairy chin put the phone into the palm of my hand.  He placed it gently in my hand so that I would not drop it.  I immediately called 911 and the firemen came within a few minutes and the paramedics followed.  The two firemen worked together to get me out of the terrible predicament I was in.  As all of this was going on my other dog, Gracie was checking everyone out and guarding the house.  I told everyone that Bud retrieved the phone for me.  I was also amazed because I had not practiced this with Bud since he was a puppy.  He knew I was in trouble and knew what to do! Bud slept with me the rest of the right.  My guardian angel, Bud, my hero!!!

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