Monday, April 17, 2017

Birthday Party For Gracie

I love having parties for dog they love parties. I have alot of dog parties and dog are always on their best

behavior. I only invited dog that Gracie has met and only calm dogs. Gracie was great she torn her party ribbons off because  is a tomboy. Bud kept bringing a dirty yard toy, he barked for attention, He believes that all parties are for him. Ginger the boxer -pit cutie pie, Dexter as sweet dog.
We served the dogs meatloaf cupcake made on hamber meat,with frosting of mashed potatoes, they were a big hit. And party favors, wrapped like and Easter egg, were low cal peanut butter biscits from Trader Joes. Only the best for are beloved dogs.You should try it is really watching the dog have fun. 

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