Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another Trip To MY Vet

I have been watching a bump on the top of Jetta's hind paw for several weeks. It started out small,looking like a tick full of blood. I pointed the spot out when the vet plucked a small wart looking like bump off of her eyelid. The vet knows how much Jetta means to me. He's been my vet for 29 years when I came to him with my cats.I love my vet. Doctor Truax is a common sence kind of a guy that got his schooling at UC Davis. He humors me when I worry too, much but has always given solid guidance for my animals. He has a chapter in my book,"Lumpy Bumps." After Jetta's Maste Cell cancer for years I brought her in for every bump I found. We just saw our vet two weeks ago for her eye bump. He says when he sees us in his office again very good naturally, "Denise have you been on bump patrol again?"

We both smiled and we both know that Labs get bumps with age,all dogs get bumps. I guess it's in knowing the difference, from a bad bump,and a good bump. Trust in my vet helps me know that I'm taking the best care of Jetta as she ages. Jetta is moving more slowly with her paw wrapped up in a bandage to keep the wound dry for about 7 days. I just gave her more medication wrapped in ham. Bud was very sad not to get a treat so I gave him a little ham too. After all Jetta has the boo boo. Jetta is sleeping more. I give her extra loving.

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