Friday, November 26, 2010

Jetta What Have You Done?

Poor Jetta. Several weeks ago she had a lump cut out of her paw. Earlier this week she chewed off the dressing over her stitches. I didn't think she would do anything like that. Well, she did and when I got her back to the vet, he said it was too late for more stitches. So he wrapped her paw up again and told me to put the dreaded cone on her when I'm not around. Also he said that she now has to stay off her beach for 2-3 weeks. Poor Jetta, she is so good. I put the cone on her and she looked at me like "Gosh, why are you punishing me?" So, I had to reschedule her birthday party and everything for this weekend. At least now Jetta seems to have no pain when walking. I don't trust her to be out of my sight for too long, though. I put a bootie over the dressing. I leave the cone off most of the time now. She will go back next week for the vet to check her paw out again. Now every time I take Bud for a walk, she gives me this look that kills me. Jetta hears us coming back from the beach from several blocks away. She has keen hearing when she wants to.

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