Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Naughty Bud

Sunday a.m. while I went out of the house, Bud broke out of his play pen set up around his crate. Bud has a favorite place in the house, the love seat in my living room. He sits like he thinks he's a cat. Shown here in the photo Bud and Topaz looking over there kingdom..When I saw Bud had jumped on the love seat against  vet orders I screamed. Then Bud got freaked out and jumped off the loveseat and when he landed on his bad leg slipped.  Bud then limped back to his crate. Thank God for Dr Schechter at Atascardo Pet Hospital being open 24 hour, 7 days a week. All the way over I was kicking myself for being careless. The vet checked Bud out and he was fine. As for myself I  having a heck of time missing being close and cuddling in bed every morning. Oh well, the important thing is that Bud is healing. This ordeal of coping with our poor wounded dogs is shared by many of dog lovers. My lesson is don't the dog to not try to break out of a play pen if not totally secured. After this I am having the playpen attached permanently, and the door shut when I come into the den where the crate is. I will show that picture soon once I get it done.  

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