Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sling Bud

Bud has had to walk only with the Sling and on leash. Shown in the picture, Jewel  has been helping me with this ordeal.. This is the only the only freedom Bud  has had. When Bud is walked out side to potty 4 or 5 times a day, he pulls to go down the street to the beach. Bud is as strong as a horse even with he bad knee. Poor Bud we have been doing this for 24 days! Since Bud is feeling better I shut the door to my office and open his crate and let him come out for a"Buddie rub," and I sit on the floor and love him up for awhile. I love massaging him and he loves it but he gets excited and started prancing so I don't want to hurt himself  I have him go back in his crate. He goes in willingly. I think that he is still hurting. I am still giving him pain meds, but I cut down done on them as Dr Schecter ordered. The dog owners who have gone through this are very committed to their dogs. It's not easy.. I thank God for my friends who gone through this. I'm a not alone. People want to help. 

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