Friday, June 22, 2012

Life And Loss

June 20 my beloved mother,Clara Denise Came passed away with her family around her. Many of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren said their goodbyes with tears flowing wit their love for her..She raised a family of six in a big house on the hill, that she made a home for us with shear determination and love; we were quite the handful.Her passion for nursing made it possible for her to obtain  a master degree in hospital administration.Mom showed me how to be strong;because of her I have had a blessed life. Mom loved her Weinheimers, my dad gave her the two sisters Hansel and Gretel the Weinheimers. Those dog got very spoiled every early morning these goofy pups waited, wiggling and drooling as only Weinheimers can do, waiting for her to give the last bites of her butter toast. The dogs are gone now and mom with them. Mom wanted her ashes combined with theirs and spread at mom's favorite sacred places on earth. Pictured here are my parents Bud & Clara Came on a beautiful day at home.

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