Friday, December 28, 2012

Bud's Bay

The highlight of Bud's day (aside from meals) is getting his daily swim at the Morro Bay Harbor.  He usually begins vocalizing shortly after pulling off the freeway- over a mile before we reach his sacred swimming grounds.

When we arrive, his exciting whines become louder and more frequent.  He does a little dance in the car with his front feet, barely able to restrain from trying to jump through the closed car door.  As he is lead to the beach on leash he shakes with anticipation as he excitedly hurries too far forward on the leash and has to back up and follow his "easy walking" command.

Here's a video of Bud's routine the moment he is given the "release" command.  One of my assistant jokes and calls him a "labrador seal".  He's an incredible athlete and throughout his entire 30-45 minute swims shows no signs of fatigue, even when the waters are rough and he is swimming against the current.

My boy is king of the bay!

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