Monday, January 21, 2013

Best Friends: Bud's Weight Contol & Batman's Thievery!

Bud and Batman are best friends. Batman is a 10 pound trouble maker. When my one of my assistants Jewel is over around dinner time, Batman waits until we leave the room and then jumps into action to steal food from Bud's bowl.

This is what dogs do. It's called an "Opportunistic Feeder". Bud has been worked with from a pup about not being food aggressive. I worked with Jetta and Bud together. They let me move and take their food bowl from them and as a result they both grew up without aggression surrounding food guarding.

If you have a dog who is food aggressive, you need to keep children and other dogs away when feeding time comes. The dog should be moved to a different room. Bud could kill his little thief friend with one bite. Bud is such a good dog- he even shares his toys!

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