Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dogs Learn From Other Dogs

In this picture you see Bud digging.  He often gathers an audience for his swimming and digging, but usually it's people walking along the Bay. The other Lab seen in this picture is TJ, an English Lab.  He often swims at the same time of day as Bud. Bud has his tennis balls, and TJ has his orange toy that he prances around with proudly.

As you can see in this picture, TJ is watching Bud with interest.  TJ loves running around teasing his person, George, in the game of Keep-Away.  TJ would rather be chased than swim. Bud would rather dig between swims to drain his limitless energy. Soon we may see TJ dig!

In the past, Bud has taught a friend's Lab to swim by chasing him in the water. For Labs and most all retrievers, swimming is second nature.

My sweet Jetta also taught other dogs.  Much to my friend's chagrin, Jetta taught my friend's dog Abbey the art of rolling on stinky carcasses. The method was to wait and wait then sniff and sniff.  After a bit of time, when she found the perfect rotten part, she'd roll baby roll. Abbey never did this until she witnessed Jetta in action.  Nobody every said that all lessons taught are good ones!

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