Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Update of Boot Camp

Anyone can see Bud is not a happy camper right now. He hates to lay down on the dirt. I never taught him the lessons earlier in life that he has to do what he is told no matter what.I spoiled my dog! After his elbow and knee surgery, I don't ask him to lay down on something he doesn't seem comfortable on. I was too easy on him. My bad. I wrecked my dog. Ericka is great though. She is working with him, and she will whip him into shape.

This is a quote from Ericka:
 "As we have talked about Bud does not like to do many things. He has to learn that it is his job to do what we say. Right now he thinks he makes the rules for you. You can't let his surgeries be an excuse. He is far enough along after surgery to do sit and down when told. You also swim him often and keep him flexible. If he can lay down on a dog bed be can lay down on the ground. Don't be a sucker!

I am going to say he can go home Friday morning. Let me know what time everyone can be there for a session. He does what ever I tell him at this point in any situation. It is time for him to learn to do that for you too."

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