Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bud Meets Ivy

The beach day was one of those dreamy days that is hard to forget. The water glistened with radiance that was so bright you have to shade your eyes. What a treat for me to watch a black Lab playing in the water with Bud. Black is beautiful when the sight brings me back to the times I watched Jetta in awe of her beauty and grace.
This black Lab is Ivy and Bud played with her until he got too tired because he would drop her toy. All is well. Bud can be bratty and rude when he is over stimulated. He is like a young child before nap time. Times like this it’s good to have the E-collar on Bud to give him a reminder who is boss. I know I let him think he’s boss but we wouldn’t tell him that.

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