Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Missing Michelle

Last year I hired staff to work as my personal assistant. My life is dependent on good honest workers. When Michelle answered my Craiglist ad, I knew she was over-qualified. She said that she would work on a trail period. I jumped at the chance to hire her. She worked for me for one year. Within the year I grew to love her, her family, and of course her dog, Gin Radar.

When she told me the story of Gin, how he was rescued from a horrible life, my admiration for her grew even more. When you rescue a dog, here is what you could be in for. Gin was a stray. He had a rocky beginning of his life. He didn't trust anybody. He was wild, agitated, nervous, yappy and nippy out of frustration.  Here is a picture of when they saw him on the website. 

They knew he was going to be a special needs dog, but they didn't care. They worked with him daily with training, exercise, and  nutrition. From Gin being afraid of everybody, he grew to love and Michelle and Ryan. When he first met Bud, he tried to attack Bud out of fear. Gin started and then Bud got agitated back. Over several months Gin and Bud got along. Gin grew to love me and trust me in my home. He also loved my other staff, Jamie and her dogs. He loved to come to my house and tear up Bud's toys. I love happy endings for strays. Gin will do well because they take the time for him. You see how relaxed he is here with me and you can see how much he has changed. When you rescue a dog, it can be challenging to see what motivates them. With consistent training, boundaries and a lot  of love for Gin, he is doing well. They adore him as I do too. Anybody that knows him will fall in love with him. He's a knucklehead.


Michelle and I took care of each other. The money for the job allowed her to support herself. Sadly for me and happily for her she has moved on to another passion in her life and is in a nursing school in Missouri. Yes she is now living in Missouri. We had a lot of fun together, and she is missed by the other two staff.  Ryan, her love, painted a sign for me that is in front of my gate. I think of her every day and am so grateful for the experience of loving her. Michelle will do great things in her life. She touched my life with her wit and drive. She is a force to be reckoned with, and she has a huge heart.

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