Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cosin Holly At Spash

Jetta's cousin Holly is nine and she has arthritis starting in her legs and hips. Holly gets two walks a day and she is still very ball obsessed. Holly used to swim with Bud in Moro Bay but stopped wanting to get in the water so I called Chris at Splash to give my early X-mass gift to Marlyn, her owner. Jetta loved swimming in the warm water. Swimming keeps muscle mass in old dogs from getting weaker.  Holly love to spend time with Bud so he got in the water too. Holly had a great time, The water temperature is 86 degrees. I would love to swim there myself. Chris's pool helps many dog live active lives. Bud used this pool for two long rehabs. The first after his elbow surgery and again after his knee surgery, We love Chris she is wonderful and very knowledgeable about dog issues.  

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