Friday, December 20, 2013

My Face Is Red, I'm Not Smart As Thought Was

When you love your dog you try to take care of them as best you can. I never knew about Mast Cell cancer until Jetta had a bump that turned red over time.I have only had female dogs before Bud. I never thought I would get along with a male dog. Bud is a lover boy and I am in love with him. Recently I noticed a spot on his belly that worried me because of Jetta had a Mast Cell cancer. So I brought him to see his vet Arron Schecter at Atascdero Pet Hospital. When our vet looked at him he was very serous and he said that the spot I was so worried was a nipple. A NIPPLE. I couldn't believe it. I said that I thought males had two nipples, then he said no, they have  nipples. He did say that this nipple was low. Then another vet came in to see Buds low nipple. My face was red. Who knew. So now I know!

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