Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mc Nab Meeting At Bay

Last weekend I had the pleasure of watching Bud swim and I saw three new dogs I have not seen before. It was the first time I have ever seen McNabs in action. They were very active, one of the dogs stole the ball and swam faster than Bud. One McNab was two, another McNab/Border Collie mix was one and a half and there was a 9 week old McNab/Jack Russell Terrier.

The McNabs are working herding dogs. Some of the traits of this bread are very protective, loyal, obedient, smart and natural athletes. The younger dog swam faster than Bud who is almost eight. Bud did not care he swam with the dogs. Bud got fired up with all the action and Bud acted like a pup......until we came home and he slept until dinner and then layed around on his love seat all evening.

The McNab originated in Scotland from a smooth-coated dog typically reported to be the Scotch Collie or Fox Collie, which was also the ancestor of  the Border Collie. The McNab can also be an excellent deer and boar hunting dog even though they were bred for sheep herding. The McNab is also less 'high strung' or obsessive than the Border Collie. They were bred to have more "backbone" than the original Border Collie and are more protective. It is common for a McNab to bark while they herd. They should exercise physically but also mentally by learning new activities or 'tricks' and being allowed to explore and learn new environments. This breed is sociable with other dogs and humans.

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