Saturday, May 28, 2016

Remenbering Jetta Blue 11

May 11, five years ago was the day the Jetta went to heaven. I have not been able to write the sad blog until now,.................. my tears flow while I write this blog. I could not sleep tonight so I went to my computer to cacth up on my emails well I opened a picture file and these images openend up.
My God she was so beaurful . I need to share becuase of dog-angel, changed my life for the better.
I plan on soon to start my passion of helping service dogs and other dogs in need. My dream is "Jetta Love Camp" a non-profit to serve to help folks with disabltys to get a service dog, for slinding scale. Becuse these dog are expisive and most diablred folks are low income. Jetta was donated by her bredder Lynn, I fund raise 3thousand dollarer. Her beauty was strking and her book keep her alive. My long term goal is to have the books about my dog into amtaoin if you can it can happen. 

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