Saturday, May 14, 2016

Who's In Charge

Gracie has become a happy dog. She is hard to read some times. I will see her look at me with confusion. The other night I startled her and she woke up out of a deep sleep ready to fight for her survival. I have sorry for her and I have given her too much freedom about sitting on the sofa, bed etc. I have changed the way of seeing her and training her to be more dominate. I tell her off when she gets on the furniture and I tell her go to your blanket. She is very stubborn but I don't back down.
I still have not tried to walk her because she is bad on the leash when she sees, a bike,another dog,stake board most everything. My shoulder injury has kept me from taking her on the scooter like Bud. Now I am planing baby steps. I will sit on my drive and and let her get excited and I will use food to distract her.. Bud say's mom I don't care just let her have my food. Bud loves it when his dog friends come to visit he is very polite. He lived with Jetta for his puppy hood. Dogs are pack animals. 

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