Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bud was a very bad boy!

The other day while my helper and I were swimming Bud at Morro bay.. his favorite swimming place.. he once again tried to bully a dog. My helper Vanessa was luckily able to hold his leash tight enough to prevent him from jumping the small dog. The reason for this is first he is spoiled, secondly he is really over sensitive, third it is a dog thing. He wants to intimidate innocent dogs. He gets frustrated when he loses a ball at the bay and wants to take his frustration out and pounce on a dog and teach them a lesson. He has never hurt a dog but needs some serious training. When we got home I got the old shock collar out ( the one he used to be trained with when he would pull me over at the beach). He immediately went to his crate and hid.
This morning before he could have his food he had to have the collar put on, which he sure didn't like, but too bad. He has been barking more because of people in the street. When he started barking I told him no barking, he barked twice more and I zapped him (it's not a hard shock but enough to get his attention).. he came right in the house. This is really bad behavior and he will have the collar on for as long as it takes, especially when we are at the bay.
Dog training is repetition, patience and never stopping.. That's why trainers get $65 an hour! I get to have a well mannered dog that doesn't yap all the time.

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