Friday, March 10, 2017

Trouble With Gracie

Last week, by mistake I bumped Gracie with my scooter, and for several days she did not want to go with me walking or running. I know she did not get hurt, she didn't want to trust me. I waited until Vanessa, one of Gracie's favorite gals, could help me make her trust me and let me take her on walks again because they are fun. Gracie let me walk her after Vanessa hooked her up to the scooter and we all went to the beach together. We tried putting her in the scooter basket because we thought maybe she didn't want to walk, but she jumped out. She needs the exercise, it is good for dogs anyways. She is cranky when she doesn't get her exercise just like me. We took her bark collar off too.. I couldn't stand seeing her in pain. It is her breed to bark. She had fun. Bud always has fun with a ball or a stick. He loves digging huge holes in the sand.
 I am working with Gracie to come to me when she hears the sound of a whistle. She was barking this morning, I blew the whistle and she came running in and went right to her crate without me telling her to. I told her she was a good girl and she wasn't in trouble.. I just want her to come when I blow the whistle. Another extraordinary thing happened on our walk yesterday.. on the way there we saw a calm old dog off the leash with a woman and Gracie was really interested in seeing the dog. When we passed the dog again on our way home, I asked the woman if it would be ok if Gracie tried to meet her dog. The dog off the leash did the circle sniff routine respectful dogs do (rather than going straight for the behind). When the dog went for a sniff of Gracie's behind, she just stood there! She is minding me and is much more calm around other dogs now. I still have to put her in her crate when new people come in the house, but she is making great progress.

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