Thursday, December 16, 2010

Book Signing

Friday Dec 17 th is another book signing. Last week were at, "All About Dogs" in Cayucos didn't have anyone come for a book. Jetta laid on her cozy dog bed brought for her highness. She barked out commands to the owner of the store, Tony. She trained him well. In only 2 hours Jetta had Tony doing her bidding. He brought her a bowl of water, he took her out for 2 potty breaks. I know Jetta has a better bladder than I have. She just wanted to sniff the new area. He brought her dog treats when she barked at him, once, twice, three times. I could not stand it any more, poor Tony, Jetta was really working him. We can home and she was back to her polite self again. Tomorrow we will be in front of Rabobank down town from 2 -6 pm....Jetta wants to have treats for her dog friends. I will have some of my famous home baked cookies. Jetta says, Everyone should have treats. Treats are good. Hope to see you, come by no worries have a treat and say Hi.

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