Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dog Police

Recently I was shocked when an Animal control officer came to my house because of a call about a starving dog. You could knocked down with a feather. The report was anomalous of course. The officer knows a good friend and dog trainer who works for animal service and knows me and both my dogs. She understood when i told her that Bud has elbow display and can't be too heavy.I told her that the vet at UCDavis want him to never weight more than 74lbs. She looked at Jetta and Bud and to anybody that knew me would know how much I do for my dogs would laugh at claim of dog abuse. I think it's great to notice dogs and try to protect them. But this officer lost 3 hours on this call took three hours that she could have used on an actually case. It burns me up that someone wouldn't come talk to me. It's bad to let your dogs get fat. I weight my dogs twice a month so I can mange their health. The most important job for me is taking care of my dogs. I am lucky to have such great dogs, they are my loves.

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