Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jetta Meet Young Fans

A nice lady who I meet at my physical therapy loved Jetta's book so much she bought 15 books for X Mas gifts. Her two young grandsons wanted to meet the star of the book. We got together and all played at the beach. Bud kept the boys busy throwing the ball while Jetta enjoyed the yummy dog cookies that the woman brought with her. After returning home after the beach Bud showed off some of his helpful duties. Like getting the phone, picking up spoons, keys etc. Jetta watched and happily knowing that she gets a treat when Bud works. Bud says" Wait a minute, this doesn't feel fair that I work and she gets a treats for doing nothing!" Jetta says," Oh young Bud, retired service dogs have fabulous benefits your time will come soon enough. But for now my life is great. Old service dog get special treatment."

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