Monday, January 10, 2011

Visit To Cayucos Elemtary School

We loved doing school programs. We met two with different groups in the gym. I told the children about what service dogs do,and Bud showed how he picks up dropped items like a spoon,pen,glasses. He got his leash and phone for me. He showed them how he helps me stand up from the ground. Then we played a game of listening with Bud. This game is fun for everyone. Bud has to wait to get the ball until I say, "Release." I throw the ball and say "Stay." Bud watches the ball and is ready to run to get it. I say allot of words to trying to trick him. He waits and when I say the special word he gets the ball. The kids clap and laugh. Then Bud gives the ball back to kids and they join in the fun. I good time was had by all. One boy asked me my favorite time of day with my dogs. I said it in the early morning when we wake up. Bud comes to lick me in face then we all have our morning rubs. Jetta loves when I get on the floor and kiss her yowls and give her buttie rubs. Bud gets jealous and joins in cleaning her with the little love bites. It great sharing my love for dogs. All the kids raised their hand hand when asked if their dogs are in their pack. We love our dogs.

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