Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jetta's Little Bump

Yesterday my vet performed surgery on Jetta. Jetta had a bump growing on her upper eye lid of all places! The vet clipped the little bump twice in his clinic while she was awake but the little bump kept growing back. Jetta also had some fatty tumors under an armpit that were getting bigger. Now she has a cone to keep her from bumping her eye or messing with her stitches. I know she doesn't like it but she's such a trooper! Never complains. She tried to get out through the doggie door but she couldn't w/the cone. I got her another bowl for water because she couldn't get her cone around the water bucket. We are taking her on small walks, but she misses the beach. When I get back from the beach with Bud, she gives me hell! Last night I was making my salad and turned my back to her, with a bag of chicken on the tables. I turned back and she was grabbing the bag of chicken, drooling with anticipation and all over the cone. Poor Jetta - only one more week of this. It's a blessing that she's healthy.

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad your Mom got your bump taken care of. I had a big one on my eyelid taken off last June, and now you would never know. Vets can be good plastic surgeons and they help keep you healthy. Get well soon, Jetta.