Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More On Jetta's Bump

The vet checked Jetta's paw again and he told me that he saved some tissue and wanted to run a biopsy. My heart stopped when I remembered the Mast Cell Cancer that the vet took off Jetta's back when she was 5 years. He said at that time that once the dog has one Mast Cell Cancer they are more prone to get more. I felt sick with the thought of Jetta having to go through a ordeal with cancer treatments. My gosh I thought what if the cancer spread?? Could she lose her back paw? I prayed for 2 days waiting to hear from the vet. Finally the call came. The vet who knows how much Jetta means to me, said there is good news and bad news. He said good news was the bump was a Mast Cell Cancer, but the good news was that all the cancer was gone when he cut the bump off. Man I felt a heavy load lifted. I'm very grateful to know about Mast Cell Cancers. Sadly, a dear friend of mine waited too long to get her dog for treatment and the poor dog lost his leg. The dog never could not get around and was so depressed that eventually she had to let him to sleep. I am concerned about how you can tell a good bump from a bad bump? Vets are so important, but sadly they cost money it takes to protect our dogs. How about having a vet tech look at the dog first? I don't think they can tell you anything by law. For now I'm glad to know what to look for. You need to give your dog on a regular basis a good close look for any bumps that you think are new. Old dogs get fatty tumors. These bumps are normal. Look for anything that changes color. The first Mast Cell looked like a little wart until the bump turned red. Good luck on the "Bump Patrol."

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